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PI Apartments

PI Apartments belongs to Portfel Inwestycyjny Group Apartamenty&Hotele www.piaparthotels.pl is an operator within the management of apartments designated for a short-term rent. We liaise with owners who have no time to deal with their apartments, yet who simultaneously wish to generate a satisfactory profit. We manage apartments and render fit-out services of the facilities on a turnkey basis – in line with the projects approved by the owners.

Real benefits

Only 3 steps to benefit with us

Let us manage your apartment .

Earn more, stress-free out of any place in the world. Apartments management may be pleasant for both parties. You profit, and we take care of the bookings and our Guests.


Contact us

Send an e-mail: pi@piapartments.pl by attaching photos and description of the apartment.


Sign an Agreement

Based on mutually discussed terms, let your facility to be managed by us and sign an Agreement.


Keep calm

Let us take care of your real estate and rent from the lease.

Each investment

Each investment
is different

It requires an individual approach and finding an unique idea. Apartments management is not only a theory translated into action, yet years of experience enabling us to be an ideal partner within apartments and hotels industry. Even best prepared apartment, hotel or gastronomic facility requires a continuous supervision and coordination of actions of all its component elements to reach a desired end effect, being the profit.


Why us?

Our ASSETS – A team with 20-years’ experience in apartments and hotels management of both international networks and private facilities.

Our VISION STATEMENT – To develop Pl Brand within HORECA sector, recognised for interesting projects, customised standards, quality of services rendered and human relations.

Our MISSION – A guest who will come back – an employee who will progress and identify himself with the company – an investment which will pay back.

We are at your disposal

  • We help you to fit-out the apartments on a turnkey basis in line with your budget
  • We make professional photos of every apartment
  • We host people whose data are already safe
  • Pricing management on a day-to-day basis
  • Corporate agreement
  • Our clearing service is Polish, yet speaks English well
  • We have our own technical service
  • We have our own insurance against any possible accidents or damages
  • We run marketing actions and social media
  • Take advantage of our experience and earn
  • Most of facilities entrusted us for management were based on recommendations. Good opinion and service are in our opinion the best assets.
Our assets

Our assets Experienced team

Our asset is an experienced team which over the last 20 years gained experience in many facilities such as: Arłamów, Czarny Potok Resort&Spa, Vienna House, Hotel Sobieski, Hotele System, Hotel Piast, Słoneczny Zdrój Medical Spa&Wellness, Bristol Tradition&Luxury and many others. Our experience gained in both private facilities as well as facilities belonging to international networks – in their development and fit-out, pre-opening and optimization of all processes, contributes to and influences the generation of revenue.


20 years

experience Many of our employees for over 20 years are present in tourist sector in the range of hotels and apartments management


50+ Apartments

Each prepared in every tiny detail.


3 best localisations

Premised in the heart of beautiful Cracow

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